Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A (Late) Prayer to Saint Lucy

In these days when the only darkness seems to be found in the human heart,

When the greater part of mankind cannot see the stars for the glow of city lights,

When our sleep is surrounded by lighted clock displays and blinking VCRs,

When in waking hours our eyes are endlessly focused on flickering screens that mock the light of the sun,

When so many have forgotten what it's like to find their way by the light of the moon,

When our eyes are enslaved by tasks that they were never meant to perform,

Blessed Lucy, save our sight.

And because--as you found out when you gouged out your own eyes--we really see with our mind rather than with our eyes,

Blessed Lucy, give us clarity, give us insight.


  1. Indigo,

    Thanks for reminding me, in your blog, about St. Lucy's feast day.

  2. Thanks for this. And thanks for the link. I've read your comments on Rte. 153 and thought I should see what else you have to say...