Sunday, June 21, 2009

Five Memories Of My Father

1. The feel of his mustache on my neck.

2. His gray hat and his winter coat, which made his head and shoulders look gigantic.

3. Sitting on his lap and being accidentally burned by ashes from his omnipresent cigarette (he would apologize profusely).

4. In the summer, sitting on a little seat on the back of his bicycle and going for a ride on country roads.

5. Being allowed to make one pizzicato on his violin.

Happy solstice to all!


  1. Tried to comment on this lovely post from my laptop...therein seems to lie the problem. When I am on that computer, I can't comment, no matter what I do it seems. So odd. That means I can't comment when I'm on the road!

    Anyway, I loved this.

  2. I feel so fortunate to have known this warm, gentle and gifted teacher as an adolescent. I only had two private teachers: he was my first and then in college I had Mr. Glyde at Auburn, another of the same mold.

  3. IB, well, at least we know what's going on...sort of. Eat well while away!

    mrb, do you still play the violin?