Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rainy Day Grandparenting

Playing checkers.
Playing War.
Watching half an hour (no more!) of cartoons.
Brushing the goats.
Watching the goats go to the bathroom, right where they live.
Reading stories.
Looking out the window.
Looking at Wolfie's teeth.
Watching the pet snails eat lettuce and poop (wow!).
Wondering why Lexi doesn't want to play.
Drinking Virginia Slim's milk.
Praying that the rain will stop.


  1. Direct from the teat? (Alas, I'm sure not.)

    Looks like I will in fact be having my picnic in the car this evening. Let's hope for better weather 3 weeks from now, as I'm hoping for a preWestonpicnic with you!

  2. Not sure it will EVER stop raining, are you?

  3. no napping? nothing better than a nap on the porch listening to the rain patter down.

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  5. I didn't let my children watch cartoons so I'm really enjoying watching some of the cartoon movies with my grandson. We both bonded with Winnie the Pooh and the 100 Acre Wood. It's one of the ways you will over their affection and loyalty ;) But excessive does contribute to short-tempered behavior

  6. Laurie, naps, alas, have been outgrown, though not by the grandparents. So we have quiet time, instead, or try to.

    mrb, TV is like sugar for the brain of little kids, don't you think?

  7. Oh, yes I totally agree but the electronic media invades so many parts of our lives -- like right now :)