Monday, August 17, 2009

Prayer To The Dog Star

Lord Sirius, who shine at night above the panting planet,
Have mercy on the dogs, in these your days.
Take pity on the ones chained up in barren yards;
Let them have shade and water in a clean bowl.
Succor the ones left inside parked cars;
Let them be remembered before it is too late.
Give strength to those who, leashed to fitness lunatics,
Must trot along as the sun beats down.
Cast a loving eye upon the little lapdogs,
Sweltering under their swaying silky coats;
Protect their tender pads from burning tar.
Have mercy on the dogs, Lord Sirius, in these days.
Let the canine tribe follow Nature's ways,
Lie in the shade, sleep, and take a drink of water.
And grant us the sense to do the same.


  1. That's beautiful!
    Jaimie in Evanston, IL

  2. Wonderful. Hope you and yours are keeping cool.

  3. Pas possible! But it's supposed to get better tomorrow.

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