Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas

When an entire loaf of rhubarb bread gets consumed at a single sitting...

When you can't find anything in the fridge because it's stuffed to bursting with dishes made in preparation and dishes brought just in case...

When the dogs, who at first terrified the children with the exuberance of their welcome, now lie motionless and exhausted as the children race over and around them...

When major surgery has to be performed on the tree (this year we'll just get a little one) to get it through the door...

When someone discovers the horn ornament “that really works” and runs through the house making merry...

When behind every closed door you can find: a) someone wrapping presents; or b) someone taking a nap; or c) someone staring into space, having quiet time...

When someone is shivering (build a fire!) or sneezing (get some Claritin!) or running out of Scotch tape (what time does the store close?)...

When someone reads “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” aloud during dinner...

When one by one people yawn and say good night, and the dogs have been let out and in, and the fire dies down, and the deer come into the front field to graze...

...then you know it's almost Christmas at our house.


  1. Do hope you have a Merry, people, dogs, goats, chickens and of course Chicklet.

  2. And the same to you and your (indoor and outdoor) loved ones.

  3. In between tasks, I've been thinking of you surrounded by all your loved ones. Big kisses to them all! (Goats too.)

  4. Merry Christmas, Lali. Your blog has been a gift to me over this past year. Thanks IB, for introducing us.

  5. Thanks, Indigo, for being such a good neighbor and blog friend.

    Dona, Happy holidays! And thanks for reading--keeps me writing.

  6. and I hope you are having a lovely one! your blog is your gift to me every day.

  7. And just think, but for Indigo we'd never have found each other!

  8. Indigo at last checking in, happy my friends are friends, wondering how her neighbor is doing with her householdful...onto the next post!