Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking Of Haiti

...of those who died and those who mourn them,
those who are lost and those who search for them,
those who are trapped and those who free them,
those who are hurt and those who heal them,
those who are hungry and those who feed them,
those who despair and those who comfort them...

we can always click here and help.


  1. It is so unfathomable. My pastor on twitter: "I am angry at God. I can't see anything good coming out of this." I mean, it's unfathomable. I keep reading and I can't wrap my head around this tragedy.

  2. Is it possible to even think of prayer at this time? Who do we pray to?

  3. The same day as the earthquake, a close coworker of my husband's lost everything in a fire. Everything but her life.

    It's been a rough, overwhelming week.

  4. There's macro tragedy and there's micro tragedy, but it's all tragedy. So sorry to hear about Tim's colleague.