Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Ferment

Here are some things I would like to do this spring:

-Design and oversee the building of a small pond in our backyard.
-Put some simple, easy-to-maintain landscaping around same.
-While the pond man is here with his backhoe, have him place some of the gorgeous boulders in our boulder pile around the perimeter of the yard.
-Plant several climbing roses against the wall of the shed.
-Plant a row of blueberry bushes to enclose the area of the yard with the pond, etc. and separate it from the lawn, thus making an hortus conclusus, or enclosed garden.
-Finish the wattle fence (have got one of seven panels done so far).
-Complete the flower beds in front of the house.
-Figure out a way to do my stone carving outdoors, perhaps by having Ed reconfigure the now-useless milking stand (sigh) into a carving stand.
-Do some serious training with Bisou.
-Do a serious refresher course with Wolfie.
-Take Lexi for walks by herself.
-Spend time with the hens.


  1. Yay for the blueberry bushes! That's your top priority!

  2. I love how your animals, including your hens, get your undivided and serious attention.

  3. Alison, this is going to be the blueberry year. They supposedly do great in this climate.

    mrb, I don't know about undivided, but I do worry about them a lot.

  4. What a cool life you live in Vermont. Even your to-do lists are exotic.

  5. I live in Vermont, and my to-do lists are just sad.

  6. Dona, One reason I'm so compelled to do something with the boulders that some long-ago farmer dug out of the field and dumped in the woods, is that I remember spending significant dollars to have a single stone placed in our Maryland garden.

    Indigo, o.k., put this on your list: sit on backyard grass and dangle feet in fabulous trout stream. If that isn't exotic, I don't know what is.

  7. i wish i could have roses. i've planted roses three or four times and they always die after a year or two. we just don't have a sunny yard.

  8. Laurie, have you tried climbing roses? They're pretty much indestructible, though they do need sun. Any chance you could prune some tree limbs to let in light?

  9. I have a different image of the "rock" fields of VT. Our minister, whose grandparents and history are from VT, mentioned in a sermon how every winter the snow and ice pushed up the rocks so every summer the grandkids, she included, spent the summer collecting rocks(aka:clearing) the fields.

  10. mrb, Yes, it's known as "rock weeding" around here. Even my vegetable garden throws up rocks--though fortunately not boulders--every winter.