Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Since You Asked...

Here are a few photos of Bisou's early days that foretell her future career.

Notice how nicely the black-and-tan puppies are resting in their bed. Bisou, however, has decided to set off on an adventure and collapsed on the way. (Photo by Alix Leopold, Bisou's breeder.)

Soon after she came to us, Bisou started putting her head inside Wolfie's mouth. Here she is, goading him into opening wide.

The end, however, is always idyllic.

They still do this every morning after breakfast, with much yodeling and singing, usually passing a bone back and forth.


  1. I'm glad the size of Wolfie's mouth is visible. Sadly, you can't see just how huge his ears are.

    Fab photos!

  2. Indigo, it's so hard to take pictures of a black dog!

  3. :-0 So excited to see you soon! And so happy not to be in the hot south ;-)

  4. mrb, I'm afraid it will be hot here when you arrive, but things are supposed to cool significantly Thursday evening. Keep your fingers crossed.