Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red Sandstone Blues

Today I'm thinking that it may not be possible to get it done by Wednesday after all.

That confounded sandstone dulls the tooth and the flat chisels in less than five minutes.  I do have a couple of carbide-tipped chisels, which keep their edge longer, but they are tiny, and it will take me forever to smooth that big piece of red stone with those. 

I could give up on chisels and try to smooth the thing with a rasp--normally you work in the order:  point chisel, tooth chisel, flat chisel, rasp--but the sandstone will probably do a job on that too.

Meanwhile, I have a big bruise on my left-hand where I have hit myself with the mallet, and a feeling of weariness in my heart.

As I said when I started this whole thing, one should never rush, when carving stone.


  1. Oh Lali - don't get discouraged. It will be worth all your hard work and, if not this coming juried show, then it will be ready for the next. If nothing else, think of those biceps: how much more satisfying (albeit exhausting) to carve stone than to work out at a gym!

  2. True, the fitness benefits are amazing: I've lost four pounds since I started carving last Sunday.

  3. Oh my, 4 pounds, sign me up for classes!....I agree with Alix, if not this show, another one...the stone is saying, "slow down, enjoy me" I think.

  4. Maybe I should invest in a bunch of mallets and chisels and collect some stone and start a new kind of gym...As for slowing down, that's what I'll write about today.