Monday, July 1, 2013

Blog Bling

See that little blue icon a couple of inches down from my picture on the right?  It's my BlogHer decoration, kind of like a general's star.  If you want to see the post chosen by the BlogHer goddesses for syndication, here it is:

It's the one about the use of "like" in Facebook.  If you're one of the kind souls who reads me regularly, you probably already saw it last March, and I apologize for sending you back to it.  But I've been urged by the BlogHer goddesses to publicize my tiny post all over the www:  Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, this blog, Google+...

If I were really with it, I would also be spreading the word on LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, YouTube, and who knows what else.

I can't remember how long it took me to write the original post, but it wasn't nearly as long as it's taken to go through the syndication and then the self-promotion process.

I would feel that all of this was "an expense of spirit in a waste of shame," as Shakespeare said of lust, except that with every step I believe that I am keeping up if only with the rear-guard in the fuzzy, misty but implacable world of the www.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to normal.   I might even make a drawing.


  1. That is very impressive! And I loved re-reading the post - as good the second time as the first.

    1. But you, as I recall, have also been syndicated on BlogHer. Aren't we amazing?