Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Change Of Tempo

As I write, in the kitchen tomato sauce is bubbling, eggplants are roasting, and bread dough, I hope, is rising.

This is only a fraction of what I should be doing:  making pesto out of kale, and freezing industrial quantities of broccoli, chard, arugula and rhubarb.  It's the time of year when I almost dread going out to the garden to see what is screaming to be picked right now.

And then, of course, I want to write here about it, all of which sometimes leads to mental as well as physical exhaustion.  If I am to survive this season--and I do realize that choosing this moment to start baking bread again is insane, but I found a source of terrific flour that I'll tell you about soon--I am going to have to slow down the pace of my posting.

I could, of course, choose to not harvest, not bake, not walk the dogs, but then what would I write about?

So I hope that you will be more patient than the tomatoes and the eggplants and the peppers and the greens and not dry up on me or turn away in disgust.  My aim is to post regularly, two or three times a week, with illustrations, and in between give the well time to replenish itself.  Writing and drawing here gives shape to my life and joy to my days.  I wouldn't dream of quitting.


  1. Dear Lali---Yes, indeed, please pace yourself. We've all been there in one way or another! And truth be told, if you post several times a week, I have trouble keeping up with reading all of it, and I don't want to skip over any of your posts! ;-) Your harvest sounds wonderful! Our vegetable garden is brimming with green and yellow string beans, and I saw a rabbit in there yesterday---that's not a common occurrence here, and it was so cute, so I let it be, and then it started pruning our lawn, which is fine with me!

  2. Oh, good, now we'll be in synch. So Benjamin Bunny's been in your yard? Glad he's contributing by pruning the lawn!

  3. Beautiful basket of garden bounty, Lali! Now is the time to prepare that bounty for winter enjoyment - enjoy the process! We'll be here waiting when you're done... :~)

  4. Thanks, Kathy. And let me know if you want some eggplants.

  5. I keep threatening to start baking bread. Would love to know your flour source.

    1. The farmer whose flour I bought only sells to local stores, but here's a link to a site that ships flour:

  6. It's all about pacing. Eggplant won't wait, but we will. Sounds like it's a good thing your zucchini failed, or you'd have to check the garden hourly.

  7. The universe was looking out for me when it killed my zucchini. Next I'll be wishing for a blight on the beans!

  8. Keep up with the illustrations though! They tell a story in themselves.