Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Garlic Follies

Yesterday morning, true to my word, I brewed and drank a cup of “centenarian tea.”

It took me a while to get up my nerve, however. First I fed the dogs and changed their water. Ditto the goats and chickens. I gave Lexi her meds, and brushed her teeth and Wolfie's. I carefully misted all my house plants.

Then I had breakfast: a slice of rhubarb bread and a cup of regular green tea.

Thus fortified, I heated some water, and pounded three large cloves of garlic in my mortar. (Not being a centenarian yet, I figured three cloves should do me.) It was disconcerting to inhale all that garlic aroma that early in the day. When the water was hot, I dumped about a cup of various mint leaves (apple, orange, and peppermint) and the garlic into the teapot and let it all stew for a while.

The resulting liquid looked like broth rather than tea. I could taste the mint, with the garlic as a pungent “end note.” It wasn't horrible—to my highly garlic-tolerant taste buds at least—but I don't think I could drink ever increasing concentrations of the stuff every day until I reach my second century.

I don't particularly want to live to 100, if that means being reduced to a little heap of bones in a wheelchair. On the other hand, a dry but spry version of myself, with wild white hair, running around in the woods chasing goats, making cheese, growing herbs...now THAT might be worth learning to like centenarian tea.


  1. maybe we shoudl skip the tea and be happy living to 99.

  2. Yes, but somehow, 100 has more cachet.

  3. You are becoming a true herbalist, not needing a course.

  4. If being a "true herbalist" means being willing to try weird stuff, then I am certainly one.