Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jesse's First Easter

The first year Jesse was with us, we spent the day before Easter in the customary egg-boiling-and -dyeing activities. After the girls went to bed, my husband and I assembled the Easter baskets, then hid the decorated eggs all over the house for the indoor egg hunt. Since our eight-year-old couldn't reach very high, we mostly hid them on windowsills.

The next morning I gave Jesse his kibble before the girls got up, but he didn't want it. The girls ran downstairs in their nightgowns, got the Easter baskets from the dining room table, nibbled the ears off their chocolate bunnies, and went off to hunt for eggs. But they couldn't find any. My husband went to help, and returned empty-handed. There wasn't a single egg in the house. It was then I remembered that Jesse hadn't wanted breakfast....

Happy Easter to all.


  1. well, um, i hear that eggs are good for dogs. but maybe not quite that many eggs.

  2. Apparently Jesse's not the only dog who has done this:

  3. Bridgett, Is that the same as "Duh"? But I get your gist...

    Alison, I hadn't seen that cartoon in ages. I always loved the drawings. Thanks!