Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Goddess Loosens Her Grip

My dog-breeder friends told me that she would, eventually, but I didn't believe them. They were right, though. After three hellish weeks, Aphrodite has withdrawn her claws and Bisou is no longer in heat. I knew it right away when I saw that she and Wolfie were in different rooms, of their own accord.

Peace and serenity have descended upon us as we welcome the reign of chaste Artemis. But Wolfie, Bisou and I are still haggard and hollow-eyed from our encounter with the Goddess of Hormones.

I am carrying out the proper purification rites: I have washed, dried and put away the towels and sheets that I had draped over all our furniture. I have combed out Bisou's shiny red coat in preparation for the berry-scented bath that I will give her tomorrow.

And as soon as it stops raining I will, for the first time in three weeks, take us all out for a walk.


  1. I quote from a famous blogger: Peace and ease and serenity...doesn't sound bad at all ;-)

  2. The contrast is amazing, and wonderful.

  3. man, i'm glad that doesn't happen to boy dogs. boscoe and riley are so much easier...

  4. It's always good to compare and contrast the hormone outcomes by gender, regardless of the species, but most interesting when they are your own off-spring.

  5. mrb, my daughter does that with her boy and girl. And from practically the minute they were born, the differences have been amazing.