Monday, June 16, 2014

Here We Are

I finally found my drawing tools, so I made a picture of our cottage:

1.  The Adirondacks
2.  Lake Champlain (visible only in winter)
3.  Weird little gingko
4.  My portable citrus orchard
5.  Grassy knoll mowed weekly by angels in human form

As you can see, my Vermont is still quite green...


  1. Welcome back! I hope the move wasn't too exhausting.

    Your new place is much greener and prettier than I envisioned it. The retirement villages around here are more like condos or townhouses, with little handkerchief-sized green spaces, if you're lucky.

    Will the same angels who mow your grassy knoll also shovel your walk in winter?

  2. Yes those angels will shovel snow, and in the meantime they've been doing things like hanging our heavy pictures and mirrors and taking away our 205 (I counted them!) empty cardboard boxes.

  3. I think this is the greenest season I've seen in les verts monts.