I was born in Barcelona and named after the patron saint of the city, Saint Eulalia, virgin and martyr.  (Because English-speakers have trouble saying my name, after moving to the U.S. I shortened it to "Lali.")  Until age sixteen, I was the only child of my parents and of the entire extended family.

In Barcelona, I lived in an apartment in the Art Nouveau section of the city, went to a school run by German nuns, studied solfeggio, and began playing the violin.

When I was ten, we moved to Ecuador, where I was taught by nuns from Spain, learned to speak with an Ecuadorean accent, and had a number of exotic pets and strange adventures.  Four years later, I arrived in Birmingham, Alabama with my mother and father.  None of us spoke English. 

Survived high school (taught by American nuns).  Got B.A. in French and Biology,  Ph.D. in Romance Languages (French and Spanish).  Gave up the Church and the violin, got married, had two daughters, taught at a liberal arts college in Maryland.  Also grew veggies, made bread, kept chickens, milked goats, and wrote for newspapers and magazines.  Got bored with teaching, took up running, went into higher ed administration, moved to DC, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Abandoned career, started painting and sculpting and learning to live in a totally different way.

Moved to Vermont, where I live with my spouse, three dogs, twelve hens and assorted passing wildlife.  I hope that, with time, the serenity of this pastoral landscape will soak into my soul, and transform it.


  1. Fascinating and beautiful, Lali- thank you for sharing with everyone!

  2. You may have gotten bored with teaching, but you were an outstanding professor at that liberal arts college in Maryland!

  3. Happened on your page while visiting longtime friend, Susan Jaffer at Facebook. Caught by your reference to Barcelona, a city loved by my wife, Karen Blomain (www.karenblomain.com) and myself. We've always stayed at Hosteria Grau at Pla├ža Catalunya and las Ramblas.
    Buena suerte.
    Michael Downend

  4. Welcome, Michael. I've never met Susan in person, but I'm a fan of her blog. So glad you and your wife enjoy la meva ciutat!

  5. So glad Denise led me to your page, Lali. I'm going to share that beautiful chocolate card on my chocolate for breakfast fan page with a link to your website to introduce your beautiful art to my community. And as soon as I return home, I'd like to order a bunch of those!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sue Ann. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Dear Eulalia (Dr. Cobb):

    In the mid-90s, you were the FIPSE project overseer for a federally funded project for Central State University (Ohio) focused on U.S. student experience with economic development in west Africa. I was the project director for Central State University.

    I had more than 22 years previous military experience with overseas programs and missions (including combat), but was very impressed with the knowledge and recommendations that you brought to the program to make it a success.

    I salute you as you enjoy your retirement life, and that you are sharing with us! Thank you very much!

    Clark Fuller
    Lieutenant Colonel
    U.S. Army (Ret.)

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, Clark. I am so glad that the Central State University project was a success. Best wishes.