Sunday, March 13, 2011

Suddenly Summer

Well, it's hardly summer when the ground is still covered with snow, but the light more than makes up for the lingering chill. 

Oblivious of outside temperatures, my houseplants  know that it's spring.  The zonal geraniums are bursting in red and pink blooms;  the orchids are putting on their last show before going dormant for the summer;  the amaryllis is putting forth leaves by the yard.

Last night, as he has for as long as we've been married, the man I call the Daylight Savings Fairy reset all the clocks in the house as well as my watch while I slept.  This morning when the alarm went off I was dismayed by the darkness outside, until it dawned on me that the seasonal shift to lovely light-filled evenings had occurred.

To mark the occasion, even though the evening was chilly I took my book and glass of wine not to the living room sofa by the stove, but to the chair in the back porch, where I could drain the sunset to its very last drop.

Funny how it is just as enjoyable not to light a fire in the spring, as it is to light one in the fall.


  1. You obviously have a cleaner porch than I. But my amaryllis is in full bloom. :-)

    It's also funny that 40ยบ F. seems so cold in early fall, and so warm in late winter.

  2. It's an enclosed porch, or I wouldn't have been able to sit in it for long--still too cold. And I think my amaryllis is developmentally challenged.

  3. Mizz Lali, I get excited when I see you have a long post...more to enjoy! The combination of sound and smell are what I notice most. Tonight I smell a piney bonfire from somewhere far off and I can imagine friends sitting on stumps slapping away mosquitoes and laughing. Spring peeper frogs are chirping their tiny hearts out by the pond, calling "come-on-in". My heart sings.

  4. Oh, Marty, you have peepers! Ours are still fast asleep.