Friday, March 18, 2011

Today, For The First Time In Months, I saw...

the pond in our patio; 
the tip, none the worse for wear, of the little arbor vitae I planted in the fall; 
the lavender bushes--seemingly alive--by the stone wall; 
the patch of lemon thyme--smelling of lemon--by the back door; 
wild chamomile sprouts between the slate slabs;
shallow ponds of muddy, sky-reflecting water all over the lawn; 
a thick carpet of sunflower seed hulls and rabbit poop all around the bird feeder; 
another stratum of winter dog poop.

And, with much rejoicing, my red-crested, black-and-white Barred Rock hen, who, having ventured outdoors for the first time since December yesterday, survived the night by herself under the chicken house and lived to lay another egg.


  1. How can you tell the lavender is alive? I uncovered mine yesterday and...hard to say - it's a mass of basic brown.

  2. Not sure what dead lavender looks like. Mine looks like it has in prior springs--pretty ratty, with dull gray-green foliage. The new foliage doesn't come in until quite a bit later, as I recall.